Medigrow Africa is a formal network of legal African cannabis growers producing international grade medical cannabis products for global distribution.


Medigrow Africa is a company with a dynamic, enterprising and socially conscious spirit. Our objective is to use African expertise to bring to the global market the proven health benefits of cannabis, a plant that thrives on our continent.


For our customers: Medigrow Africa brings exceptional African medicinal cannabis products to the global market through hybridising African landrace varieties with internationally recognised medical cannabis strains. We utilise the indigenous African medical and agricultural knowledge – accumulated over thousands of years – of people who have a profound understanding of growing and harvesting the plant, and leveraging its many health and wellness benefits.

For African regulators: To provide governments, where required, with insight, consultation and expertise in appropriate licensing conditions, implementation of the legalisation, pilot projects and production of medicinal cannabis, while paying attention to:

  • Country specific development strategy and policies

  • Country specific legislation

  • Cultural and tribal factors

  • Access to finance

  • Logistics and marketing environments

  • Training and skills transfer requirements


Enriching the lives of historically disadvantaged individuals is a moral requirement for operating in Africa. It gives us a licence to operate.

  • Our farmers are part of our business and have a direct shareholding in their geographic area of operation, which enriches their lives and builds the trust and loyalty we require.

  • Training and skills transfer are critical elements of our business and each community involved in our business is assessed to understand their most pressing requirements. A rigorous programme is developed to meet the community’s needs and is monitored on a continual basis.

  • Indigenous knowledge is highly valuable to Medigrow Africa and is nurtured and maintained.


Our underlying environmental philosophy is continually to investigate means to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Supporting Medigrow Africa’s intent to maximise the return on every hectare of cannabis, we are particularly mindful of the possible impacts of our operations on the use of natural resources and strive to minimise our impacts through efficient use in a responsible and sustainable way and through committing ourselves to continuous improvement.

We strive to comply with all applicable in-country environmental regulations. Furthermore, we are investigating a range of initiatives to preserve ecosystem integrity, protect biodiversity and enhance agricultural sustainability.

Corporate Governance

Medigrow Africa applies sound corporate governance structures and processes, which the board considers pivotal to delivering sustainable growth in the interests of all stakeholders. Medigrow Africa’s values-driven culture and code of ethics underpin its governance structures and processes, committing the company to high standards of business integrity and ethics in all its activities. Governance structures and processes are reviewed regularly, and adapted to accommodate internal developments and reflect national and international best practice.

The board considers corporate governance to be a priority and endeavours to go beyond minimum compliance where appropriate. The board will therefore consider all new non-statutory corporate governance concepts carefully and will implement them if they are deemed to be in Medigrow Africa’s best interests. The application of governance requirements should facilitate, not detract from, the directors’ ability to execute their statutory and fiduciary responsibilities, and their duty of care and skill.

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