Medigrow Africa’s efforts are focussed in Southern Africa as a result of the quality of the cannabis endemic to the region. The quality is exceptional and the knowledge of local communities in successfully cultivating cannabis without the exclusive use of greenhouse technology goes back thousands of years. The climate is particularly conducive to cost effective cannabis growing. We do initially cultivate indoor, with lights and tunnels before moving outdoor. The process is optimized to ensure year round production, quality and efficiency of the grows.
Southern African local communities have and continue to cultivated and use cannabis as medicine. It is an integral part of cultural practice.
Community participation and shareholding in the operations the community consistently and reliably contributes to is a core principle of the company. Medigrow firmly believes that the policies and procedures that we implement must be sensitive to local circumstances, take into account the uniqueness of the local social structure, economy, environment, and culture. The involvement of the local community and use of their on-the-ground knowledge assists in the successful implementation of our projects. We believe that communities must have a say in the development of the projects they are intimately involved in.
Participation has an intrinsic value for the participants; is a catalyst for further development, encourages a sense of responsibility, guarantees that real needs are addressed, ensures things are done the right way and uses valuable indigenous knowledge.

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