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Medigrow Africa currently has investments in the following cannabis-related companies:
Part of the team:

The Founder - Willem Daniel Jonker

The founder of Medigrow Africa is a chartered Accountant (South Africa) by training. He was a senior partner at Allan Gray (, the largest independent investment manager in South Africa, until 1993. Thereafter he moved into the field of private equity, arranging funding for companies such as Medigrow Africa.

Edgar Adams - Managing Director – Medigrow in South Africa

Edgar is a successful engineer with a long track record in the medical waste industry in South Africa.  He has been involved in various industries where standard operating procedures are critical, and thus takes overall responsibility for standards in Medigrow’s initiatives in South Africa.  He also plays an important role in transformation and community development, in roles such as President of the Western Cape chapter of the National African Chamber of Commerce and as Director of the Community Chest.

Shaun Potgieter - Chief Cultivation Officer

Shaun has had 12 years of experience in Commercial Forestry where he monitored contract basis forestry activities to ensure government regulations are properly being followed. He was directly involved in project and site management, procurement, logistics, marketing, and payroll. He has been informally studying cannabis since 2010 because of its medicinal properties. Medigrow Lesotho (currently MG Health) laid the groundwork for his commercial cannabis experience. He worked his way up to become a senior grower and was head of the nursery.

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi - Business Development

and Director of  Medigrow Africa

Sibusiso is a skilled Technical Manager with experience in the water and wastewater industry. Familiar with electrical, mechanical, electronics &communication and basics in chemical engineering. He has worked with various companies and developed good experience in the process.

Ncamsile Masilela - Administrative Officer

Ncamsile is a people’s person who made a name for herself in the hospitality industry in her native Country of eSwatini (Swaziland). She joined the team on 1 January 2018 and is responsible for the call centre and administration office.

Jose Vieira - Project manager

and Director of Madagrimed s.a.r.l

Jose was born in Angola but grew up in South Africa. He has been living in Madagascar since 1997.His main achievement was building Sakatia Lodge, a guesthouse on a sacred island off the coast of Madagascar. Jose has been managing the Lodge since 2004.

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